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2023-2024 HS Scheduling Guide

Course Catalog and Graduation Requirements

We recommend that you first become familiar with the course description booklet.  This provides information about available courses for the 2023-2024 school year.  As well, please look at this link for information about Ohio’s Graduation Requirements.  

Parent and Guardian Involvement

Before February 27th, we recommend talking with your student about what courses would be the best fit for next school year.  The availability of courses does not guarantee they will be offered.  These decisions are made by school administration after the course selection process.

Timeline at a Glance

Week of 2/21: 

Grade-level meetings: Ms. Counts and Ms. Duffey (High School Counselors) will present new scheduling information to students by grade level.

Scheduling information will be added to the Finneytown website.  Please review and talk with your student about what they need to take next year.  

Monday 2/27: SCHEDULING DAY!

Students will receive grade-level specific forms during Mentor Group and carry it with them all day.

Students will talk with their current teachers about recommendations for next year’s classes.

Students will return these forms to their 6th bell teacher.

“What if I am absent on scheduling day?” – Students will get the form from their Mentor Group teacher later in the week and return it to the counseling office once completed.

Week of 3/6:

Counselors will do classroom visits by grade level to meet with students as needed.

Counselors will not be meeting with students about scheduling questions until this week.  Please hold off on scheduling questions until this time.