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Finneytown “T” in PTA Award Nomination Request

Formerly known as Educator of the Year

This year Finneytown Secondary PTA selects this Award to give to a staff member. The award has changed somewhat as defined from Ohio and Hamilton County PTA. This award is designed to honor principals, teachers, counselors and other certified educators who we feel have contributed over and above what their job requires for the children in their school or district. Our winner will be recognized at the Council Evening Dessert Meeting during the current school year. They will be a nominee for the HCC PTA “T in PTA Award”. In order to give our nominee an equal chance to be selected as Council’s Outstanding Educator, please keep in mind the following tip when filling out the nomination form: This is a PTA award, so your nominee’s involvement in PTA is a main consideration. Please list in detail their involvement in your PTA. If they are or have been involved in PTA at another school (maybe their child’s or at a previous place they taught) make sure that is mentioned also.

Please email your nominations to : by January 15th

Subject line: T in PTA nominee (nominees name)

Please include information as described above