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Business Advisory Committee


in Accordance with the Provisions of Ohio
Revised Code 3313.821

Purpose of the HCESC Business Advisory Council
The Council fosters cooperation among schools, businesses, and the communities they
serve to ensure the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses. Outcomes
of this cooperative effort include but are not limited to raising awareness of educators
about the local labor market, promoting work-based experiences within businesses, and
helping students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities.
Meetings Conducted by the Council
his school year, the following meetings have taken place involving the Council:

  • Date 1: September 17, 2019
  • Date 2: December 17, 2019
  • Date 3: February 18, 2020
  • Date 4: April 16, 2020

The Council’s Plan and Implementation Progress

  1. The business advisory council will utilize research from the Great Oaks Career
    Center on employment skill.
    a. Share assessment includes drug screening information, attendance,
    timeliness, conduct, and employment skills inventory.
    b. Utilize formal and informal assessments will help inform the development
    of a curriculum for districts to utilize.
  2. Identify employment skills and curriculum that would support business
    a. Work with business partners to help students make connections with
    b. Disseminate information to school districts about potential partners.
  3. Utilize resources to identify emerging trends in career opportunities in Southwest
    Ohio and beyond. Share regional information on job growth.
    a. Identify resources that show economic growth and development regionally
    and beyond.
  4. Identify business partners to support schools with career exploration or
    mentorship programs. Share resources with districts for potential mentorships or
    career exploration.
    a. Partner with districts to provide career resources
    Delineation of Employment Skills
    The business advisory council utilized research from the Great Oaks Career Center on
    employment skill. They shared their results from their “Measuring Professional Skills”
    assessment. Information was shared with member districts and districts implemented
    their own career assessments.
    Development of a Curriculum to Instill Employment Skills
    This goal did not get fully implemented this year. Districts did have opportunities for
    curriculum development and next year we will look further into this goal as a group
    Information was also given in regard to “Student OhioMeans-Jobs Readiness Seal.”
    The process was shared of how students can achieve the readiness seal and prepare
    for career success. Districts were encouraged to review requirements for students to
    achieve the OhioMeans-Jobs Readiness Seal.
    Career Opportunities
    The council partnered with the Great Oaks Exploration Specialist to connect districts to
    over 132 businesses. These businesses offered mentoring and career exploration for
    students. Many of the districts hosted events to bring awareness to various employment
    fields as well as offering mentoring programs.
    The Great Oaks Career Campuses also provided a catalog highlighting various fields of
    study for students. Most of the participating districts held field trips to explore options for
    their students to attend classes.
    The final session for the council includes an economic update that will be shared with all
    Changes in the Economy, Job Market and Future Job Availability
    The council Utilizing business partners, districts will learn about the economy and job
    market. Districts received information about careers in our area and potential areas of
    growth in our region.
    All districts were given a point of contact at Great Oaks to help with career days, job
    fairs, and mentorships for students.
    Developing Relationships
    The council continued to offer assistance in partnering schools with local businesses. All
    districts were given a point of contact at Great Oaks to help with career days, job fairs,
    and mentorships for students.
    Business Advisory Council Recommendations
    Next year the business advisory council wishes to develop specific events/information
    for schools and business partners can participate. The recommendations will continue
    A. District Career Days
    B. Career Fair
    C. Options for Mentorship Opportunities for all schools
    D. Updated jobs analysis for Southwest Ohio with changes due to COVID-19

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