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Library Media Center

Library Media Center

School libraries have changed a lot over the years, but they remain important to support reading, learning, and research.  Students browse shelves of print books to find topics of interest to them. They use computers, mobile devices, and other technologies to access online resources and create digital resources to share their learning.  They receive information literacy instruction in order to become better digital citizens. The Finneytown Secondary Campus library media center is a place to read, learn, collaborate, design, and share.

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It is the goal of the Finneytown Library Media Center’s staff to:

  • promote reading, both for pleasure and for information
  • provide quality resources and instruction to students and staff
  • encourage students and staff in becoming lifelong learners and effective users of ideas and information
  • collaborate with staff to create authentic learning for all students
  • foster 21st century learning and thinking skills
  • provide a safe, comfortable haven for all who desire a place to think, read, research, do homework, or study

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