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Around the House

Houses and winners

August 22, 2017, marked the beginning of the Wildcat Houses at Finneytown Secondary Campus. Unlike past first days of school, this year commenced with students participating in an “Amazing Race” activity to discover which house and mentor group they will belong to as students throughout their years on campus. The entire Secondary Campus student body was divided into six houses: Clark, Ebenezer, Kopke, PEM, Pringle, and Telford. These house have historical and special significance to the Finneytown community and schools. Visit each of the houses web page to learn about the history of each house name. 

 In addition each student and staff member receives a House t-shirt, which unites them to their house and bonds them as family. 

Mentor Group

Each of the six houses is divided into 8 smaller groups – 4 high school and 4 middle school – called mentor groups. These mentor groups truly are the heart of the House System at Finneytown Secondary Campus. Mentor groups meet every single day with time lasting from 15 minutes to 35 minutes. Students are engaged in a variety of activities during mentor group, such as competitions, service projects, discussions, and more. Each group is led by a mentor teacher who co-facilitates the daily activities with a student leader. The role a mentor teacher acts as an academic coach. Each student conferences regularly with his or her mentor teacher to monitor their academic progress in all classes.

For 2019-2020 school year:

House Director: Charles Crawley

School Captains: Davon Keith ’20, Malik Williams ’23, Maggie Traubert ’21, and Noemi Yisra’el ’22


Ebenezer House

Clark House

Kopke House

House of PEM

Pringle House

Telford House

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