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FHS Spring 2022 Musical

1.) Audition Information Packet: Please read through the following document to obtain details about performance dates, audition protocols, and show details prior to signing up for a time slot. 
2.) Audition Sign-Up: Utilize the following link to sign-up for an audition time. Please be sure to arrive at your scheduled time ten minutes in advance and have the electronic audition form completed and submitted by the deadline below. 
3.) The Sound of Music Audition Form: Complete and submit the following form in its entirety prior to 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 30th. Be specific and honest in your responses knowing that the provided information will be utilized during the audition process. 
4.) Optional Audition Materials: Feel free to browse through the provided song and monologue suggestions should you need assistance in selecting audition materials. Remember, you are welcome to prepare something that is not on this list as long as it aligns with the stated audition protocols. 

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