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FLSD Remote Learning

THINK Critically, GROW Intellectually, LIVE with Integrity 
Our mission is to foster academic and social growth for each student in a safe, supportive school environment. Our vision is to be a learning community that inspires our students and staff to think critically, grow intellectually, and live with integrity.
Staying Connected

Finneytown Local School District has closed under the direction of the Governor because of the Coronavirus. 

The Remote Learning program will be a substitute for school-based instruction and therefore participation in learning activities is required and will be utilized for attendance and assessment.

What to expect from Remote Learning:

Our goal for FLSD’s Remote Learning is to provide a high-quality, engaging learning experience for our students that is also manageable for families who may be juggling multiple responsibilities during this unprecedented time. 
When designing our Remote Learning our staff drew on resources and insights from a range of experts, while also learning from the experiences of districts in other states who started remote learning before us. Our approach to Remote Learning is based on the strong relationships that have been built throughout the year among teachers and students. We have tried to rely on technologies that students are already familiar with; however, Remote Learning may require some new tools and our teachers will do their best to offer students with needed supports. 

This site and links will serve as the hub for students to access the Remote Learning docs during school building closure. Specific building and grade level links will be added below for students to access work. Teachers and staff will also be sharing this information and more through Google Classroom, Dojo, and other electronic forms of communication in use with students and their families.  


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