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Parent Access to ABRE

Finneytown parents/guardians use Abre to access student forms, principal letters and other information regarding their student. It contains things like:

  • Forms
  • Notifications from your school & district
  • Your student profile (grades/test scores/schedule/etc.)
  • Various district resources 

This will become your one stop to get to everything as a parent.  Students and teachers will also utilize Abre.

Instructions to Access:

Step 1: Website Access

  1. Go to https://finneytown.abre.io (you can also access off the district website).
  2. Bookmark the website.
  3. Select “Parent” as your role.

Step 2: Login & (if interested) Watch Screencast

  1. Pick how you want to login. You can pick Google (gmail), Microsoft (ie Outlook or Hotmail), or Facebook. If you do not have one of those accounts, you can create one.
  2. Optional: Watch screencast on how to use the Parent Portal.

Step 3: Match Your Student(s) to Your Account

  1. Hit plus button.
  2. Add token included in this mailing.  If you have more than one child, you should get a token for each one. Once you add the token for each, you will be able to access all children with the same login.

Step 4: Complete Forms

  1. From the Menu, select Forms
  2. Determine which forms you desire to complete.


To view screen-cast on how to access the parent portal and add a student, go to: http://abre.pub/finneytownparent 

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