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Student/Parent Portal

Enclosed are a list and links of resources specially designed for Finneytown families. Some of the links and resources are directed toward secondary level students and others are directed toward elementary students’ families. Still others are for all the families in Finneytown Local School District.

Finneytown Spirit wear

Bullying and Harassment

Students and parents have access to the Student Bullying Reporting System, a 24/7 hotline and anonymous reporting system that allows for the reporting of harmful behavior in a non-threatening environment. This system immediately notifies principals of behaviors or threats so that they can intervene before a situation escalates. Bullying has serious and lasting effects.  While these effects may also be caused by other factors, research has shown bullying has significant effects for those who are bullied. For more information or resources, please visit out Bullying and Harassment page on the website.

To anonymously report an incident click here.


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