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Timeline Updates

November 2019                We will post advertisements for Construction Companies (done)

                                                We will post advertisements for Architectural Firms (done)

                                                We will contact companies about Turf for the football field (done)           

December 2019                 We will interview and choose a Construction Company

                                                 We will interview and choose an Architectural Firm

                                                We will meet with companies who put turf on the field

                                                 We will choose a company to put turf on the field

January 2020                       We will work with the architect and construction company to initiate plans and designs

January – June 2020         Meetings will be held to obtain input on designs

                                                 Initial work on the elementary site will begin

                                                       This does not mean ground breaking – it is just preliminary site preparation         

June 2020 – 2022               Work on the elementary school will begin, continue, and end.

                                                         Students will move into new building

                                                         Decisions will be made about existing buildings

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