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New Facilities Updates

It’s an exciting time in Finneytown!

Thanks to the support of voters in 2019, Phase I of a new building program is currently underway in the Finneytown Local School District.

The first phase of the building program calls for the construction of a new K-6 building on the Brent Elementary property. The second phase is a new 7-12 building on the existing secondary campus. Emersion Design/Fanning-Howey and Skanska Construction were selected by the Board of Education to serve as architectural firm and construction company, respectively.

Finneytown voters passed a 7.69 mill bond issue that will generate $27.87 million over the life of the bonds, which will partially fund the construction projects. Additional funding will come from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission in the amount of approximately $27 million.

Read more about the projects in the links at left.


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