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At Finneytown, our vision is to be an embracing community where innovation guides how learning occurs.  Our mission is to empower all students to employ the tools of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and self-reflection.  As educators, we know that in the 21st century, technology touches every aspect of our society and has become an integral part of daily life.  Accordingly, to succeed and prosper in the increasingly competitive world of work, our students must acquire the skills necessary for the safe, legal and ethical use of digital information and technology.  The district strives to provide the instruction, professional development, software, and hardware infrastructure necessary to address this need and prepare students and staff for a constantly evolving digital future.

To accomplish this, the district has embarked on a series of projects including:

  • Use of Chromebooks and iPads to facilitate the instruction for all students
  • Installation of wireless infrastructures in all district buildings
  • Purchase of updated servers and data storage equipment to enhance network operations
  • Acquisition of new student devices as we begin the shift to 1:1, where each child has their own Chromebook.
  • Installation of additional interactive white boards (Smart and Promethium) in elementary and secondary classrooms.
  • Initiation of a summer technology institute to provide staff with professional development in the use and integration of technology in the classroom.
  • Acquisition of Easy Tech, a standards-aligned, web-delivered K-8 technology literacy curriculum that promotes improved student learning outcomes across core subject areas.
  • Leveraging the power of Google Apps for Education – a free suite of web-based programs and services offered by Google to schools and universities
  • Utilization of the Abre platform to streamline communication and productivity

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