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Meals during 1st quarter, Fall 2020

MEAL INFORMATIONClick here to view as a Google Doc

Finneytown Nutrition Services will continue to provide meals for students who are learning remotely. You must order by calling Milford Food Services (they run Finneytown’s cafeterias). It will be drive-thru like during the summer but can no longer be free for all students. Please complete a Free/Reduced lunch application and call the Milford office number below to order meals. 


  • Location: Meals will be available for pickup by parents for all Finneytown students who place orders for them. These will be picked up from the Secondary Campus in the circle drive in front of the school like we have done all spring and summer. (8916 Fontainebleau Terrace)
  • Cost: 
    • Breakfast is provided free for students at Brent & Whitaker. Breakfast is free for secondary students approved for free meals. The cost for secondary students approved for reduced breakfast is 30 cents and full price is $1.75.
  • Lunch is provided free for students approved for free meals.  The cost of students approved for reduced lunch is 40 cents. See prices below for full pay students.

You will not be able to charge any meals. Parents will either have to apply money on their child’s account by going to www.payschools.com or bring money to the distribution. No change will be given; it will be applied to the student’s account. You can also go to www.ftschoolnutrition.com for the link to Payschools.

  • Day and Times: Meals will be available every Tuesday beginning September 8 from 11:30 -1:00PM and 6:30-7:30PM. 
  • Number of meals: This will be a five-day meal distribution. Parents may order breakfast and lunch or lunch only. 

How to order: If parents are interested in ordering these meals they must call once to register with Nutrition Services Office at 

(513) 576-2290 or 


Meal Prices: Payment is required at pickup. 

BrentFull Price/ReducedWhitakerFull Price/ReducedSecondaryFull Price/Reduced
BreakfastAll FreeAll Free$1.75/$.30 
Lunch $2.75/$.40$2.75/$.40$3.00/$.40
Five lunches$13.80/$2.00$13.80/$2.00$15.00/$2.00
Five BreakfastsFreeFree$8.80/$1.50

Please call by September 1 to begin receiving meals on September 8.  

If you ordered but will not be there to pick up meals please call and cancel to avoid any charges. 

If you have someone else pick up your child’s meals they must have the student’s ID number to verify the child is a Finneytown student. 

Free & Reduced meal application: We encouraged all families to complete a free and reduced meal application. All families approved last school year must apply each year in the first 30 days. If you received a direct certification letter in the mail from Milford, you do not need to complete an application, but let the Milford office know if there are any children in your household not listed on the letter. Also, please let Milford know that you want them to share that your family is eligible for Free lunch so that fees can be waived.

Go to www.lunchapplication.com

Choose “Milford-Williamsburg-Finneytown-John Paul” as the district. Complete the application but skip the “student number’ section if you don’t have this information. Pay close attention to the section that asks for permission to share application information with school officials if you have a high school student. If you would like to get a reduction in fees for AP exams, college applications and ACT/SAT exams check “YES” in each of these sections.  

If you have any questions about the application process or need a paper application, please contact Milford Nutrition Services: 

Kathy King (513) 576-2290 or king_k@milfordschools.org

Kim Gregory (513) 576-4160 or Gregory_k@milfordschools.org

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