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Finneytown Choirs and Chorale

The Finneytown Choir program begins in 2nd grade at Whitaker
Elementary after students experience singing in their KG-1 Brent General
Music classes. Voices of Whitaker consists of two different ensembles,
one grades 2-3 and the other grades 4-5. These students perform at the
Secondary Campus in December and May in addition to doing
performances Downtown and other places.
XPeriod Choir is for middle school students grades 6-8 who have sung at
Whitaker or who wish to begin singing. These students meet after school
at the Secondary Campus each week and perform at concerts in December
and May.
The High School Choir program allows for students to perform both as an
ensemble and as soloists. Students are invited to perform solos at OMEA
Solo/Ensemble Contest as well as at the quarterly concerts. The High
School Choir experience is open to the most experienced choral student,
but also to students who have never sung before and wish to learn. The students serve as leaders to one another while also being challenged as
individuals to grow as musicians and never stopping in their learning.

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