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Finneytown Band

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The Finneytown band has a long tradition of excellence! Under the leadership of Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Delaney, the band continues to undertake advanced compositions as well as challenging and inspiring drill maneuvers.

Fall of 2019’s “From Darkness Into Light” Marching Band show

Finneytown’s 2019 marching band show is based on the 2010 show performed by DCI’s Phantom Regiment drum corps entitled “Into the Light.”  The musical material comes from Michael Kamen’s first classical symphony, “The Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms,” which was first premiered in 2000.  The music was inspired by the Anasazi people, Native Americans whose symbolism included the flutist Kokopelli. The Anasati captured Kokopelli’s image on canyon paintings in the southwest where they lived a thousand years ago.  Kamen was influenced to include flute and cello solos in the original to capture the idea of the Kokopelli flute player, which have been reorchestrated for Marimba and Trumpet solos in the 2019 Finneytown arrangement.

Finneytown’s “From Darkness Into Light” is meant to portray a journey from the shadow and obscurity of the night to the clarity and the vibrancy of the daylight.  The show uses multiple props on the field for the musicians and color guard members to interact with and allow the students the chance to tell the story. The first movement, titled “Darkness,” depicts the band in the shadows.  The second movement shows how the band moves “Out of the Darkness,” and the props come into play as the color on the field begins to change. The listener finally reaches the light in the final movement, “Into the Light,” to bring the show to its conclusion.

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