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Board meeting Dates

Regular meetings of the Finneytown Board of Education are held in the Media Center of the Finneytown Secondary Campus (8916 Fontainebleau Terrace, Cincinnati, Ohio) unless otherwise announced.  Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. and are open to the public.  Other meetings are announced in accordance with Ohio law.

Once a formal motion is introduced, seconded and carried, the Board may recess to executive session.  The regular meeting will remain open during the executive session and will only be adjourned once the Board returns to regular session.  Executive session discussions are limited to matters regarding personnel, real estate sale or acquisition, security, consultation with attorneys, negotiations or collective bargaining, or matters required to be kept confidential by federal or state regulations.

Meeting Dates

Wednesday, January 2 – Special Budget and Organizational meeting

2019 Meeting Dates

January 22 (Tuesday)

February 19 (Tuesday)

March 25 (Monday)

April 15 (Monday)

May 13 (Wednesday)

May 18(Saturday) Work Session 12 pm-2 pm

June 17 (Monday)

June 25 (Tuesday) Special Meeting Community Forum

July 15 (Monday)

August 19 (Monday)

September 16 (Monday)

September 29 (Sunday- Special Meeting)

October 16 (Wednesday – Special Meeting)

October 21 (Monday)

November 18 (Monday)

December 16 (Monday)

Calendar Year 2020

January 21 (Tuesday)

February 18 (Tuesday)

March 6 (Friday) Special Board Meeting

March 16 (Monday)

April 20 (Monday)

May 18 (Monday)

June 15 (Monday)

June 25 (Tuesday) Special Meeting Community Forum

July 20 (Monday)

August 17 (Monday)

September 21 (Monday)

October 19 (Monday)

November 16 (Monday)

December 21 (Monday)

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