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COVID Protocols

In accordance with regulations provided by the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Board of Education, Finneytown Athletics will follow the following protocol for athletics.

Health Screening

Fans are expected to refrain from entering the facility if you have had:

  • Symptoms, in the past 24 hours:
    • Fever over 100.3
    • Sore Throat
    • Cough
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Loss of taste/smell
    • Fatigue 
  • Positive test for COVID-19 (within the past 10 days)
  • Close contact with a positive case of COVID-19 (within the past 14 days).

Due to limited capacity, no booster passes or other passes will be accepted this year. Also, FLSD employees will not be able to enter an event without a ticket unless they are essential personnel.


                        Varsity Football                      All other HS Sports

                        $7.00 Adult                             $6.00 Adults

                        $5.00 Students                        $4.00 Students

Online Presale Link: https://finneytown.org/docs/athletics/online-box-office/

  • Capacity:       High School Gym: 88 people
  •                         McNulty Stadium: 390 people

Ticket Information

We encourage those attending our events to take advantage of our online ticketing options. Click on the link to purchase your tickets:  https://finneytown.org/docs/athletics/online-box-office/

*Ticket allotment will be based on seating capacity and roster size.  The Finneytown Athletic Department will notify the opposing athletic department the procedures for procuring tickets.

This option will ensure your attendance at the event and provide you with a safe and contact free entrance into the event. No money or tickets will change hands.

  • Due to seating restrictions, game day tickets will be made available to participants’ family members prior to being made available to general admission. 
  • Due to a reduction in seating capacity the point of sale option will not be available.  

Varsity Football Tickets: With limited seating capacity and high demand, we anticipate tickets will only be made available to Varsity Football and cheerleaders who are on the rosters and playing/performing that night. If tickets have not been purchased by 8 a.m. on the date of the contest, they will be made available online to the general public.

  • We would ask spectators to travel to the stands and be seated.  
  • Spectators are asked to sit as an individual or in family pods maintaining social distancing guidelines (6’ between non-family members).
  • Students under high school age are expected to remain seated with the family group.
  • Spectators will be asked to refrain from gathering prior to or at the conclusion of the event
  • Spectators are expected to refrain from coming onto the playing surface or bench area.

The Finneytown Athletic Department will follow the Governor’s mandate regarding masks.

  • All Spectators will be required to wear a mask while attending the event.  Your compliance with this request will ensure you are able to remain at the event.  If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask, then we recommend that you do not attend the event.


If you choose to stand along the fence, we ask that you do so maintaining social distance protocols 6ft apart.

  • Concessions: Our concession stand may be available to purchase pre-packaged items (i.e. chips, candy, drinks).
  • Restrooms: Restrooms will be available.
    • Indoor Events – Restrooms can be found in the gym lobby area.
    • Outdoor Events – Restroom facilities can be found behind the concession stand. 
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