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Athletic Boosters

The mission of the Finneytown Athletic Boosters is to support the Finneytown Athletic Department and our student-athletes.

As a result of funding shortfalls over the years, high school athletics have received consistently less funding to support its needs. The Finneytown Athletic Boosters organization believes that a significant part of the high school experience involves the ability to participate either as a player or a fan in athletic events. Good high school sports programs do more for a school than simply provide an outlet for youthful enthusiasm. They build teamwork, enhance self-esteem and provide a focus for pride in the students school.

In order for a school athletic program to be successful, the uniforms, equipment, and facilities must be adequate. This is sometimes difficult or impossible with current budgets. Therefore, Finneytown Athletic boosters members raise money, take on and complete projects, solicit donations and generally support the athletic programs at Finneytown High School.

The Athletic Boosters provide some scholarship funding annually. The Boosters conduct an annual Greek Festival parking as one of our primary income producing activities.

Membership is inexpensive and the service to our students is very rewarding. New membership is always encouraged because new members always bring new ideas and new approaches to old problems. Everyone is welcome to become a member.

The Finneytown Athletic Boosters meet on the first Sunday of each month in the Teachers lounge, at 7:00 p.m, on the Secondary Campus during the months of August through June. Anyone can attend and participate and everyone is welcome. Please feel free to view our bylaws.

As our student population grows, so do the issues surrounding the sports programs. As a parent of a student athlete, resolving these issues becomes a priority. If you are involved, you can help to solve the problems. You can get involved by joining the Boosters. Your time and talent can help make Finneytown athletes have a positive environment, with the kind of uniforms, equipment, and facilities that they deserve.

Please fill out the registration form return it along with your membership fee. Please attend our next meeting!

For further information, please contact Sherry Enderle, Finneytown Athletic Boosters president.

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