SC students with quiet signal

Students and Staff Jump Right in Back to School 2019-2020 at Finneytown Local School District

Have you seen big yellow buses rolling through the neighborhoods or students and families walking to the different schools? Finneytown students, with their backpacks loaded and lunch bags ready began standing at bus stops awaiting their rides on Wednesday, August 21 as FLSD welcomed students back to school with two days of staggered starts. Staggering the start for two days allowed teachers and staff to get better acquainted and form bonds with students. In addition, it gave students the opportunity …

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FHS Band at Bash

Finneytown Local School District Teachers and Staff Make Connections with Students for 2nd Year of Staff Tour and Back to School Bash

Buses driving the neighborhood filled with teachers and staff members signaled the early signs of Finneytown Local School District’s return to a new school year. It was a gorgeous but hot summer evening with music from the marching band bringing families from their homes as FLSD’s students and families were welcomed back to school by teachers and staff visiting the neighborhoods. Buses loaded with FLSD teachers, staff, and band members fanned out through different parts of the district as they …

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Thank you

8/14/19 I want to say thank you. Thank you to the staff who planned and attended the Community Outreach yesterday. Thank you to the students from the band who volunteered their time and made walking and riding the buses so much fun. Thank you to the parents, children, and community members who greeted us along the bus routes. Thank you to the families, staff, and community members who came to the Back to School Bash last night. Thank you to …

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Please drive safely!

Dear Finneytown Families,                                                                             August 10, 2019 I am writing to implore you to drive slowly and safely around our students. There has been an alarming increase in the number of reported accidents around the nation where children have been hurt or killed going to and from school. Our children are our greatest treasure and we should remember that. Please, please slow down and be aware. Remember that when a bus stops with lights flashing, we are required by law to …

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Band performances 2018

2019 Show Writeup for FMPA Newsletter

“From Darkness Into Light” Finneytown’s 2019 marching band show is based on the 2010 show performed by DCI’s Phantom Regiment drum corps entitled “Into the Light.”  The musical material comes from Michael Kamen’s first classical symphony, “The Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms,” which was first premiered in 2000.  The music was inspired by the Anasazi people, Native Americans whose symbolism included the flutist Kokopelli. The Anasati captured Kokopelli’s image on canyon paintings in the southwest where they lived …

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Finneytown Local Schools Welcomes New Principal for Brent Elementary

When Finneytown Local Schools open for the 2019-2020 school year, Meredith Baker will assume the role of Brent’s new principal. As an eight-year veteran and former first grade teacher, she looks forward to her new role serving the students, staff, and community of Finneytown, especially Brent Elementary. “I was drawn to Finneytown for the strong sense of community that is evident everywhere you go. Finneytown has a history of focusing on relationships and doing what’s right for students. The opportunity …

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New Secondary School

7/22/19 Back in the office. Took a couple of days to visit Gatlinburg!  I got back Friday but had technical issues and could not post so here we go.    Once the state provides the matching funds for the secondary campus, we will start on that. The new secondary campus would be built partly in the front parking lot all the way back behind the stadium. The gym would be torn down but all other buildings would be intact and …

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7/10/19    To recap, we have three schools in Finneytown. We have Brent K-1, Whitaker 2-5, and Secondary Campus 6-12. We have just over 1400 students in these 3 buildings. OFCC recommends any district with less than 1500 students should build one K-12 building. Through the 35 meetings held last year, it was decided that the best plan is to build two new buildings. A K-6 on the Brent property and a 7-12 on the secondary campus property. If you missed …

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Cottonwood and Brent History

7/9/19                                                                                 Cottonwood was built in 1962 and was subsequently torn down in 2010 because it became too difficult to maintain. The roof leaks were continual and there were other issues.    Brent Elementary was built in 1964 with 29,161 square feet. The gym has steps to go down into it and the hall floors are inclined in places. In 1986 enrollment had drastically declined in the district and the building was leased to Springfield Township. They used it as a …

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