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What is the difference between an Operating Levy, Permanent Improvement Levy and Bond Issue? Finneytown Local School District utilizes the following three types of local tax revenue options: Operating levy A voted local property tax The primary vehicle used to raise local funds for a district’s General Fund (001) Can be used to pay normal, day-to-day operating expenses of a school district such as salaries, fringe benefits, utilities, instructional supplies and equipment Finneytown collects $9,938,000 annually. Permanent Improvement Levy A …

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Why is the Board bringing this proposal to the community now? There has never been a better time to more affordably replace our outdated, inefficient and expensive to maintain buildings with newly constructed school buildings. Here is a “By the Numbers” look at why: 1) 27.8 million The amount of money in dollars the state of Ohio will give Finneytown Local School District (FLSD) to construct a brand new K-6 elementary school and 7-12 high school/middle school. 2) 60 The …

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Finneytown Master Plan project details This proposal calls for the construction of the Master Plan in two distinct phases. Assuming passage of the bond issue in November 2019, Phase I would begin in the spring of 2020. Phase II would begin approximately two to three years later, when the state legislature is projected to fund the next round of OFCC projects. Phase I Project: New grade K-6 elementary building                                            $22,077,095 5% contingency (upgraded finishes)                                           $ 1,175,566 Charles McNulty Stadium synthetic turf installation           $ …

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What facilities Master Plan did Finneytown final approve? The initial, co-funded OFCC Master Plan recommendation is the baseline from which each district molds a final Master Plan solution, taking into consideration the unique values, needs and desires of the local community. This is done by adding Locally Funded Initiatives (LFIs). LFIs are spaces that are secondary to the classroom that OFCC will integrate into the overall master plan, but for which it will not share the cost. LFI examples include …

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What is Finneytown’s baseline Master Plan?  How much of the total building project cost is OFCC willing to pay? The Master Plan is the comprehensive plan for repairing and/or replacing the education facilities of a district. A Finneytown Local School District Master Plan was developed by the OFCC after Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP) acceptance. This Master Plan took into consideration program guidelines, design manual requirements and the following information and factors: Finneytown building assessment reports Finneytown student enrollment projections …

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Special Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 6 pm at the District Office. 8916 Fontainebleau Terrace Cincinnati, Oh 45231. This meeting will be for the Board of Education to hear presentations on various construction methods. When a bond issue is passed for new buildings, they need to be prepared with knowledge to make good choices about how to proceed.

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What is the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission?  How does the process work? What is the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC)? The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) is the agency responsible for the state’s school rebuilding program. The OFCC provides building assessment, master plan development and significant financial support (over $11.5 billion to date) to Ohio school districts. Over half of Ohio’s 612 public school districts have already received funding for new or renovated school buildings as a result of this …

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Very soon you will receive the newsletter in your mailbox. It is packed with great information. Because of that, it is many pages long. For some of us, that may seem like a lot of financial speak and we need it divided into chunks. I have Mr. Oliverio’s permission to post excerpts in my blog so you can see a piece at a time. You have seen most of this information already in my blog. This is from the Treasurer’s …

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