Hello Finneytown Families,

Finally an email that is not about Flex vs Virtual!

In the last few years, Finneytown has used Payschools for parents to pay fees, AP test costs, etc. The Payschools Company has changed its name to SchoolPay and has improved the services.  This is a separate account from the PaySchool account used to pay for school lunches. I don’t want you to get confused.

The new SchoolPay link is on the website and is active! The PaySchools link for student fees has been removed from the school fees page on the district website and the new link for SchoolPay has been established.  You can find it by going to

Click on Resources in the second line of choices from the top of the screen

 Click on Student Fees on the far right side of the screen

In the middle of the screen click SchoolPay for student fees

(you can also go to to get to the same place)

Accounts were transferred from Payschools to SchoolPay.

On the SchoolPay webpage, click Find My Account (it is the binocular icon)

Type in your email that was associated with the previous account and click find

If it cannot find your email, DO NOT PANIC!

Just click create new account – you will need an email address and your child’s school ID number from DASL to create a new account. You will also create a password.

That’s it! Very quick and easy. Even though fees have been waived this year, it would be great if you could go ahead and find your account or create a new one. There is a great support system you can access by phone or email. They won’t be able to give you the school ID number but they can help you with all things SchoolPay! If you need help with the program, contact SchoolPay. If you have a school related question, contact the district.

Thank you and have a great evening!

Ann Morey

Accounting Specialist