Finneytown Staff to get Vaccinations

Dear Finneytown Families,

Yippee! Our staff have the chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine next week on Thursday, February 11, 2021. I want to give you some details. Also, I want to discuss school for next week. 

Students are off on Friday the 12th, for a conference release day and Monday the 15th for President’s Day. This has been on the calendar since before school started this year. Students will have classes as usual on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday will be a normal asynchronous learning day (work from home with work teachers have provided.) There is one change. So that staff are available to get the vaccinations, Thursday will also be an asynchronous day like Wednesday is. Staff will provide work for students to do on Thursday at home. There will not be any classes in person or virtual. Everything will be work done at home like on Wednesdays.  

On Friday, March 12, 2021, the staff will receive the 2nd dose of vaccine. That week will be normal except for that Friday. Like the first time, the vaccination day, Friday March 12th, will be an asynchronous day like Wednesdays usually are. Students will be provided with work to do instead of having classes. This will go for both virtual and flex students. 

Thank you for your flexibility on this. It is so wonderful to get this process started with the staff. I am quite excited to finally get this going. 


Superintendent Terri Noe