2nd Semester update from Superintendent

Happy New Year to each of you!

I hope you have enjoyed the break! It is time for school to begin tomorrow, Monday, January 4th. Flex students will be in person. Please check your email for information from the principal. We are all ready to get the second semester started.

If your child traveled outside of Ohio over the break, he/she must quarantine for 14 days after returning home. If your children are signed up for Flex Campus please contact attendance at your school to let them know and have your children join the afternoon virtual classes until they are able to return to school.

Remember to take your child’s temperature and check for symptoms that would indicate he or she is sick. If there are any symptoms, please have your child stay home. If he/she feels up to it, he/she can join the virtual classes in the afternoon until symptoms are gone. When your child is able to return to school please make sure your child wears a mask and remind him/her to strive to stay 6 ft from others.

The governor and Hamilton County Health Department have updated some of the guidelines for schools dealing with students or staff who test positive for COVID. A couple of studies returned promising results that led to this change. Students and staff who wear a mask and strive to to social distance will no longer have to be quarantined if they are considered a close contact to someone who tests positive. The studies have shown that those who have quarantined as close contacts in Ohio classrooms have not then later tested positive. Finneytown has not had any who quarantined as close contacts in classrooms end up testing positive from that contact. 

Therefore, when someone at school is determined to be positive for COVID, that person will need to quarantine. As long as all others have been wearing masks, no others will need to quarantine as close contacts. 

Hamilton County remains Red and only met two metrics this week. 2 metrics should take us to Orange but we are very high incidence so we remain Red. We will be safely in red for at least 2 weeks so can plan to be in person for Flex Campus students. We hope to be able to continue in person through May.  

Extended Care will resume before school hours the same as earlier this school year as well. They will be open tomorrow morning. 

The weather is fairly decent this week so we should not have to worry about slick roads. I will keep you updated in the event that changes as we go through the winter. If the weather is bad, we will switch to virtual learning for all that day. I will send a message out to let you know as soon as I know. 

Have a great week and I appreciate all you do as you partner with us for your child’s education. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Superintendent Terri Noe