Message about In-person Classes

Dear Families,

I’m so excited that the Flex students get to come back to the buildings tomorrow. I want to give you some suggestions and clarify some things for you.

Remember that only students who live more than 2 miles from their school will be able to ride the bus. That means that far more students will be walking and far more parents will be dropping students off at each school. Please plan to get to the building early to drop off in case the traffic on the first few days is backed up.

Please, please use caution and drive safely since students are walking to school.

Since more students, especially younger students, will be walking, please have a discussion about only crossing Winton Road with the Crossing Guards. There will be Crossing Guards at

Winton and Timber Trail, at Whitaker

Winton at Fontainebleau, between Brent and Secondary Campus

Winton and Galbraith, all 4 corners

We would like to have students walk on the west side of Winton Road then cross at the two crossing guards to get to Brent and Whitaker

If they walk on the west side, they do not have to worry about the traffic coming out of Speedway.

Please remind your children to walk and to obey all traffic signals, only walking when the light is green and the walk sign is on. If there is a crossing guard, they should not cross without the crossing guard. We want everyone to be safe! They should always check for traffic before walking across a driveway or road.

If you are dropping off or picking up your students, please follow traffic signs at the schools. All will have one-way traffic to make it more organized and safe. Again, please come early and have patience as people get used to the new numbers of parents that are dropping off and picking up.

We will not be serving lunch or breakfast. Those meals are free to all students and can be picked up every Tuesday at the secondary campus. You will pick up meals for 7 days each week.

Please send supplies and a water bottle with your child as well. We are not allowed to use the water fountains because of the pandemic. We want to be sure every child has a water bottle so that they can stay hydrated.

Please make sure your child has a mask that fits properly and that your child knows how to properly wear it. It must completely cover the nose and mouth and stay covered.

Check for fever and other symptoms before children leave home, please. If your child has any symptoms listed in this chart, please keep the child home and call the school attendance number to report the absence.

Your children will be given the lay of the land tomorrow so they know which direction to walk in the halls and when and how to go to the restroom and other fun stuff. We will emphasize that all students and staff must wear a mask at all times. We have installed automatic hand sanitizer stations all around all the buildings. We will strongly encourage students to wash their hands when they go to the restroom and use hand sanitizer regularly.

Students will also have the opportunity to use sanitizer wipes to clean their desks and area around them in their classrooms. All classrooms have been sprayed with GermStop so that all surfaces will kill germs for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, we will have them sprayed again.

Have a great evening!


Superintendent Terri Noe