Update on Food Service and other Information

Finneytown Families,                                    Sunday, March 15, 2020

I promised more information when I had it. I want to update you on Lunch and Breakfast and how to pick up Remote Learning work or supplies you have at school.

Food Service

Our Food Service people have worked all weekend to get things ready. As I mentioned, all food will be prepared and available at the cafeteria at the Secondary Campus (high school). The cafeteria will be open 11 am to 1 pm but we want to avoid too many people gathering at one time as directed by the Governor. Here is the latest plan.


You do not need to be a student at Finneytown.

You do not need to be on a Free or Reduced lunch program.

You do not have to even live in Finneytown.

You do not need to sign anything.

Just come and get the food.

  1. If at all possible, call ahead to let the Milford Food Service (the people who always run our cafeterias) know how many meals you need.
    1. You do not need to call each day
      1. When you call, let them know what days you need food 
        1. Provide the school name if a student, meals needed and how many days needed for the week of March 16th – 20th.  For now we will do this on a weekly basis.  Spring break will be the exception.
          1. I will send out a separate email later in the week about some community support for food provided over spring break. 
      2. We will be serving breakfast that will consist of a breakfast bar/assortment, fruit, fruit juice and pick up milk at the end of the line if interested.
      3. We will be serving a hot meal that will include a fruit item and a vegetable item (according to the age group requirement)  and the option for milk at the end of the line.
      4. Greeters will direct student to the proper table and will be more than 6 ft away
    2. Call any of these three numbers by 9 am tomorrow
      1. 513-576-2291 
      2. 513-576-4160
      3. 513-576-2290
    3. We want to stagger the pickups by last name. Look for the time by the first letter of your last name.
      1. 11:00-11:30     A-H
      2. 11:45-12:15    I-P
      3. 12:30-1:00     Q-Z
        1. If you are picking up meals for children with different last names, just pick one time to pick up all of them.

If for some reason you cannot pick up meals at any of these locations from 11 am – 1 pm, please let Food Service know when you call. We will try to make arrangements through some volunteers to have it delivered to you. It is very important to us that our students have access to nutritious food while we are in Remote Learning status.

  1. Petermann, our Transportation Company, will help out by taking meals to three other drop points.
    1. Galbraith Pointe
    2. Cottonwood – where the old elementary school was 
    3. Whitaker Elementary
      1. All of these will be set up in the parking lot
      2. Staff will set up tables to put meals on
        1. There will be an elementary table and a high school table.
        2. Same directions as the ones above. 
          1. You will not be able to pick up Remote Learning work at the satellite sites.
  2. Springfield Township and the Springfield Township Police Department 
    1. Each has contacted me to let me know they will assist us in getting meals out and in any other way possible.

Menu and important nutrition information is available on the Milford Food Service website at http://www.ftschoolnutrition.com/index.php?sid=1569946430824&page=main

There is an important message about eating fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A that will help with our students’ immune systems. 

Buildings Open

Brent Elementary will not be open until the Governor allows schools to reopen

Whitaker Elementary and the Secondary Campus will be open tomorrow, Monday, March 16th only. This will allow students to pick up their supplies and books if needed in desks or lockers. It will also allow students in grades 6-12 to pick up their Chromebooks and chargers.  Please look at the newsletters sent by the principals for exact information. 

After tomorrow, school buildings will not be open until the Governor allows schools to reopen. 

The District Office will also be closed. We will be checking messages so please leave a message with your questions or concerns. You are always welcome to email me as well and I can get the information to the correct person. 

Remote Learning

Check your email for your weekly newsletter from your principal. They all got together today to make sure all buildings sent out consistent, accurate, and useful directions and information to our families.


I want to take a moment to thank Milford Food Service and Petermann Transportation for their dedicated efforts to our district. We could not have made this happen without them. I also want to thank Scarlet and Gray, our Custodial Service. Their crew will continue to work for now and will be deep cleaning and disinfecting all buildings over the next couple of weeks so that we are ready when we are given the green light to return to school. I appreciate these and the other many partnerships we have such as the Hamilton County Educational Service Center, the Ohio and Hamilton County Health Departments, and the Ohio Department of Education. They have provided constant updates and supports. Thank you to Kroger for donating bags to allow meals to be packaged for take out. I also want to thank our police and fire departments as well as the Township for always being there for us, especially now. There are many more who are stepping up and I will mention them when I send out the next email about community support. We really do live in a unique and amazing community!

Respectfully, Terri Noe, Superintendent tnoe@finneytown.org