Successful Finneytown High School Graduate Speaks to Leadership Class

Successful businessman and Finneytown High School graduate Eugene Partridge III from the Class of 2002 visited the campus to speak with the leadership classes about his journey. He spoke to them about developing leadership and being strong leaders in the school as well as community, creating their legacies, and living their lives to their full potential. Students also met in small groups discussing their leadership qualities, legacies, and potentials. 

Partridge is Head of Procurement Operations  at Paycor, Inc, a TEDx Speaker, an Author, and a Music Producer. His first TED Talk, Giving Life Saved My Life, he presented at TEDx Cincinnati in 2019. Additionally, he authored two books, Career Fertilizer and Daughters & Daddies, and wrote music for Grammy award winning gospel artist, Dorinda Clark-Cole. He states through the Cincinnati Chamber’s website. “I want to leave behind a legacy that I left here empty. Life is a gift and I believe we should treat it as such. I believe in maximizing every single talent and gifting what we have in order to make an indelible impact on the world.”