Sixth and Seventh Graders Get a Taste of Different Books

Finneytown Secondary Media Center Librarian, Lara Walker transformed the area into the Wildcat Cafe with neatly set tables with specific genres of books. Sixth and seventh graders chose the tables that included non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, romance, and more. Each table had a different genre of books that included a host of different authors for the tasting. The book tasting allows students to test different genres and levels of books. Instructions for students were to find a book at that table that looked of interest to them and page through it. They also completed a “Book Tasting” sheet that offered a first impression of the book. Additionally, teachers advised students to “taste” at least three books. After their first table, they were encouraged to venture to other tables for other tastings. One student remarked, “This was fun!  I found several books I want to read!” This was a fantastic and creative opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zones of books they like to try other books in different genres.