Finneytown Middle and High School Students Present Shrek:The Musical

Two evening and an afternoon show filled with a gruff green ogre, a friendly donkey, a group of homeless fairy-tale characters, the cruel, vertically-challenged Lord Farquaad, a fire-breathing dragon, and the lovely Princess Fiona. What could be any better? Finneytown High School students presented their performance of Shrek:The Musical in January. The cast and crew spent weeks memorizing lines, learning the songs, and transforming the stage into a wooded swamp. The leading cast included Adrian Ramsey as Shrek, Kay Nicht as Fiona, and D’Asia Feaster as Donkey. The rest of the characters and ensemble cast included Aly Amend, Angelina Bush, Megan Haarlamert, Morgan Casselman, Dakota Brooks, Jenna Koopman, Kathryn Espinoza, Katie Petersen, Bronwynne Rodenhauser, Alyssa Becksfort, Anna-Beatrice Reid, Elizabeth Cain, Jayden Girdler, and Zach Prost.  

With the whimsical puppetry, the high energy dance numbers, and many laughs, Shrek the Musical converted the popular children’s book and animated feature film into the fantastic musical on Finneytown’s stage. The cast and crew convinced the audiences to all believe in happy endings. Sawyer Shafer, Director of the musical, stated about working with Finneytown students, “Each student in the ensemble played at least three separate characters, and it was really their heart and determination, as well as their passion for performing, that made this year’s show a success.” He continued, “I am so proud of all of the hard work that this small group of students put into the show. Hopefully, they can carry the same energy into next year’s production.”

“This was the best production since I’ve had the privilege to be the superintendent in Finneytown! Mr. Shafer, cast, and crew did a fabulous job! I am looking forward to the next production!” stated Terri Noe, Finneytown Local School District Superintendent. 

Stay tuned for future Finneytown theatrical performances and the program to continue to grow!