Day 11 – Gratitude

“One key piece of gratitude is that it basically has the potential to change everything from its ordinary state to being a gift. Once you see it as a gift, it changes the emotional connection to it.” Barbara Frederickson, PhD Hi Terri,
This was a week of celebrations – two for life, and one for a life well lived. 

If you’ve been receiving these Gratitude Thoughts for awhile, you know that my great-niece and nephew, Klaire and Kenny, decided to come into the world about three months before they were supposed to. Well, these precious preemies just celebrated their fourth birthday on Tuesday and they are happy, healthy, and – like most four-year-olds – quite a handful.

My great-niece Emily was born with a neuroblastoma and had surgery to remove the tumor three days before her three-month birthday. On Sunday, Emily celebrated two years being cancer-free. She’s talking up a storm, loves to eat pizza, and purple is her favorite color (good choice!)

I also said goodbye to my friend, Sam, who lost her two-year battle with ALS this week. Sam was one of the most genuine, caring, joyful people I knew. Even as ALS was taking her, she continued to surround herself with friends and stay as active as she could. She leaves behind her husband, Matt, who she has been with since they were four years old, two beautiful daughters, and LOTS of friends who love her. Although her time on the planet was far too short, Sam is a shining example of a life well lived.

I hope that during this Memorial Day Week, you had the opportunity to reflect upon those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us to have the lives we have today. I also hope you celebrated – a lot!

Have fun,