The Finneytown PTA Announces the 2019-2020 Reflections Winners

Finneytown PTA announces the PTA Reflections winners for the 2019-2020 school year!  There were 55 entries submitted this year with 22 from the elementaries and 33 from the Secondary Campus.  The wonderful tradition of excellence in the arts continues to flourish in Finneytown, and it is an exciting opportunity that the National PTA Reflections program recognizes students’ artistic talents in so many ways.

Special thanks to the judges: Julie Ficke, Carolyn Althoff & Megan Kelly from the Secondary Campus and Jo Hogan, a local artist. Thank you also to Finneytown Local School District art teachers, Katie Elfers, Jenny Brunsman, Megan Kelly, Carolyn Althoff and Julie Ficke for their encouragement of the program and students’ artistic talents.

The Finneytown winners will be  judged at the next level with the Hamilton County Council (HCC) PTA. Furthermore, Secondary Campus winners will be displayed at the district Arts Fair in April. The HCC PTA Reflections Open House will be held Thursday, February 20th, 5-7 pm at the Monfort Heights Library to honor the winners from the member school districts.

The 2019-2020 Finneytown PTA Reflections Winners

“Look Within”

Primary (K-2) Age Category

   Visual Arts

     Winner Maddie Lee (2nd gr) Window of Emotions

     Winner Nadia Mavridoglou (2nd gr) My Body

     Winner Aurellio Ortiz (2nd gr) The Fox

     Honorable Mention Kylie Scholz (2nd gr) This Is My House

     Honorable Mention  Arianna Williams (2nd gr) Rainbow Sky

Intermediate (3-5) Age Category


     Winner Violet Kimnach (5th gr) Fit In

    Winner Mohini Tamang (4th gr) Autobiographical Poem

     Winner Mohini Tamang (4th gr) I Am

  Visual Arts

     Winner Noah Anderson (4th gr) Cowboys vs Browns Superbowl

     Winner Violet Kimnach (5th gr) Thoughts

     Winner Noelle Stamm (3rd gr) Bubbles

     Honorable Mention  Jumiere Logan (3rd gr)   untitled

     Honorable Mention  Veronica Becksfort (5th gr) Inside A Classroom

Middle/Junior (6-8) Age Category


     Winner Christen Fessler (7th gr) The Dog

     Winner Christen Fessler (7th gr) Pretend

     Winner Ava Weaver (8th gr) Warrior Within


     Winner Christen Fessler (7th gr) Flames

     Winner Ava Weaver (8th gr) The Feeling Within

     Winner Ava Weaver (8th gr) Same Heart

   Visual Arts

     Winner Christen Fessler (7th gr) Hope’s Butterfly

     Winner Giovanni Lee (7th gr) Light vs Dark

     Winner Emily Shuey (7th gr) Take Care of the Earth

Senior (9-12) Age Category


     Winner Kathryn Espinoza-Hoover The Worthlessness of a Girl

(11th gr.)


     Winner Aubrey Weaver (11th gr) The Journey Within

     Winner Aubrey Weaver (11th gr) See Your Light

   Visual Arts

     Winner Neha Moktan (12th gr) My Secret Garden

     Winner Zach Prost (9th gr) Be Yourself

     Winner Bronwynne Rodenhauser A Statue of Emotion

(10th gr)

     Honorable Mention  Kaziah Horsley (12th gr)   Thought Come to Life

     Honorable Mention  Paige Sedgwick (12th gr) In the Blink of an Eye

   Music Composition

     Winner Aubrey Weaver (11th gr.) Look Within