ODE litigation settlement

The district recently received notice from the Ohio Department of Education’s Chief
Legal Counsel that a proposed settlement has been reached in the long-running Doe v.
Ohio Department of Education litigation. To be clear, no individual school district is a
defendant in this case. Defendants include the State of Ohio, the Governor, the State
Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Ohio Department of Education. This case
was initially filed in 1993 and is a companion case to the decades old DeRolph school
funding case.  Doe is a class action lawsuit focused on funding of special education in
particular. The class includes all disabled students and their parents.
ODE has requested our assistance in providing notice of the proposed settlement to
parents and students. The court has preliminarily approved the proposed settlement,
and will be holding a hearing on February 11, 2020 to determine if final approval will be
given.  In any class action, some effort must be made to inform members of the class of
the litigation and any proposed settlement.  ODE is asking for our assistance as it fulfills
its responsibilities as a party to the lawsuit. 
The State of Ohio, the Governor, the Ohio Department of Education, and other state-level
defendants to a class action lawsuit have reached a proposed settlement and have
requested our District’s assistance in informing students and parents of the proposed
settlement. A link to the settlement is below. To be clear, our District is not a defendant
in this lawsuit and is not accused of any wrongdoing in this lawsuit. We are sharing this
information as a courtesy to the Ohio Department of Education and our community: