Brent Elementary Celebrates Grandparents with Special Day

Brent Elementary was abuzz when kindergarteners and first graders welcomed grandparents and special people to their school and classrooms on November 26th. Over 175 grandparents and special people attended the special day. A delicious cornucopia of doughnuts along with juice and coffee, for the adults delighted the families for breakfast. They also enjoyed the opportunity to visit students’ classrooms and see the outstanding work that the children are producing. Hallways were filled with art work and projects from the last month and fall season, including students’ written accounts of their thankfulness. Additionally, many visited the book fair to purchase books so the children could continue practicing their reading. Finally, the students performed several songs to the delight of their audience members. They even included several grandparents in their dance moves and songs. Principal Meredith Baker had this to say about the day, “Connecting with our grandparents and special friends on this day was a tremendous opportunity. It was wonderful to see the outpouring of love for our students. We are very grateful for all of the individuals that support our school, including teachers, staff, parents, and grandparents.”