Treasurer Excerpt (11)

Finneytown facilities history timeline

1996 – Voters approve a 3.96 mill, $8.71 million bond issue over 28 years. Funds were used to con- struct eight (8) additional classrooms, a new media center and computer lab, renovate program areas, and make significant roof, HVAC, flooring, window, lighting, painting, and parking lot improvements.

2001 – The District requests its initial building assessment from the Ohio Schools Facility Commission.

2006 – The District forms a Long Range Facilities Steering Committee, consisting of 25 staff and com- munity members, to study the future facilities needs of Finneytown students. Master plan options  were developed and presented to the community for feedback.

2007 – The District purchases property at 8996 Fontainebleau Terrace, creating a second driveway to ease Secondary Campus traffic congestion and improve safety. The District also purchases property adjacent to Brent Elementary, at 8750 Winton Road, for future development.

2008 – The District implements its first Five Year Capital Improvement Plan. Created with the assis- tance of architectural and engineering professionals, this plan provided the district’s first systematically proactive approach to long term facility management for critical building systems.

2009 – The District closes Cottonwood Elementary. Consolidation of the district’s elementary schools

saves the District $300,000 per year.

2010 – The District refinances $3.96 million of the 1997 bond issue, lowering the average interest rate from 5.80% to 3.48%, and saving taxpayers over $1.1 million over the remaining life of those bonds. Standard & Poor’s assigns its high quality investment grade AA credit rating to the District.

2011 – The District demolishes Cottonwood Elementary to reduce operating costs and avoid a signifi- cant roof replacement expenditure.

2012 – The District funds $6.5 million in facility improvements identified on its Five Year Capital Im- provement Plan. It borrows $1.51 million under House Bill 264 to issue energy conservation program bonds over 15 years. Voters also approve a 1.98 mill, $4.7 million bond issue over 13 years. The Dis- trict secures a 0.35% interest rate on both securities and obtains $250,000 in energy efficiency grants.

2018 – The District engages SHP to advise and guide the district through the OFCC assessment / master plan development process, and to facilitate stakeholder engagement in Master Plan develop- ment and an Educational Visioning process.

2019 – The Finneytown Board of Education places a 7.69 mill combination bond issue (7.19 mill) and tax levy for maintaining classroom facilities (0.50 mill) on the November ballot. If approved, the district will qualify for a $27.8 million match from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.