Excerpts from Treasurer (5)

Finneytown Master Plan project details

This proposal calls for the construction of the Master Plan in two distinct phases. Assuming passage of the bond issue in November 2019, Phase I would begin in the spring of 2020. Phase II would begin approximately two to three years later, when the state legislature is projected to fund the next round of OFCC projects.

Phase I Project:

  • New grade K-6 elementary building                                            $22,077,095
  • 5% contingency (upgraded finishes)                                           $ 1,175,566
  • Charles McNulty Stadium synthetic turf installation           $ 1,000,000 Total                                                                                                $24,252,661

Phase II Project:

  • New grade 7-12 secondary building                                             $29,010,817
  • 5% contingency (upgraded finishes)                                            $ 1,378,830
  • Softball field replacement                                                               $      650,000
  • William R. Swartzel Performing Arts Center utility re-feed      $       449,919 Total                                                                                                $31,489,566

Additional Phase I and Phase II Details:

  • The district plans to keep the following secondary space facilities that are not eligible for co-funding with the OFCC: Charles McNulty Stadium, William R. Swartzel Performing Arts Center, the baseball field and the school bus office and storage facility
  • Construction of a new K-6 elementary building will occur at the Brent site on the softball field and vacant district owned property to the south
  • Construction of a new 7-12 secondary building will occur at the secondary campus main gymnasium and practice football field site
  • Brent Elementary will be kept and possibly repurposed for an administrative office and preschool programming
  • Whitaker Elementary and the secondary campus office and classroom wings will be demolished
  • A new softball field will be constructed on the secondary campus site
  • No students will not be displaced during either phase of construction
  • Phase I is completed under the OSFC’s Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP)
  • Phase II is completed under the OSFC’s Classroom Facilities Partnership Program (CFAP).