Students and Staff Jump Right in Back to School 2019-2020 at Finneytown Local School District

Have you seen big yellow buses rolling through the neighborhoods or students and families walking to the different schools? Finneytown students, with their backpacks loaded and lunch bags ready began standing at bus stops awaiting their rides on Wednesday, August 21 as FLSD welcomed students back to school with two days of staggered starts. Staggering the start for two days allowed teachers and staff to get better acquainted and form bonds with students. In addition, it gave students the opportunity to ease into a new school year with building and classroom expectations and a new approach to behavioral expectations through Restorative Practices. 

At Brent Elementary, students and teachers acquainted themselves with each other by sitting in a circle and sharing about their summers. Students visited “expectation stations” to explore the building and learn “The Wildcat Way.” The new and improved blacktop was a success as students enjoyed a new race track, alphabet hopscotch, chalk area, and giant line up box. Hugs were given and smiles were worn as the 2019-2020 school year kicked off to a great start. 

At Whitaker, our staff has embraced new practices learned at the Restorative Practices training they attended on Aug 19th and 20th. Staff are actively helping students build community through games and circle activities as well as developing their ability to restore relationships when harm is done. Students are spending the first few days re-familiarizing themselves with the building policies and habits. The morning music is always an exceptional way the students and staff quiet their minds and bodies to be ready to learn for the day. Check out our Facebook page for a few photos! 

At the Secondary Campus, students were introduced to lockers, Chromebooks, the house format, and updated guidelines on PBIS, including a new approach with restorative practices in the classrooms. While teachers do this differently, the forming of connections and bonds with students remains the same for all. Our new staff have started the year with incredible energy and creative lessons. Teachers are using circles to build community in their classrooms, in addition to using circles for instructional purposes.  

Keep your eyes and ears open for all the great things happening in Finneytown Local Schools this school year!