See you tomorrow for School!

Good evening Finneytown Families,

I just want to make sure you know we are having school tomorrow. All three schools will be open.
Although it is still predicted to be hot, the overnight temps are cooler and the temps are a bit better. It will still be hot but, should not be dangerous. If that changes, we will look at early release the following days until it cools off. The temps this week don’t get terrible until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. That is why we will look at early release. 

Again, we may have to release students early if it gets too hot. I will let you know tomorrow afternoon if we will have early release the next day. I will be checking the forecasts during the day to see what the predictions are. I will let you know in the afternoon for each day.

If we have an early release, schools will dismiss 2 hours early. Transportation will run 2 hours early. Students will get lunch.

If we release early you will need to make arrangements for your children, especially elementary age students. I will give you as much time as possible to make those arrangements each day.

Let’s just hope it cools off.


Terri Noe