Thank you

8/14/19 I want to say thank you. Thank you to the staff who planned and attended the Community Outreach yesterday. Thank you to the students from the band who volunteered their time and made walking and riding the buses so much fun. Thank you to the parents, children, and community members who greeted us along the bus routes. Thank you to the families, staff, and community members who came to the Back to School Bash last night. Thank you to the parents who pitched in and grilled the hot dogs, ran the games, and everything else they did. Thank you to the Kona Ice people. That sweet treat was a huge success. Thank you to everyone for the positively charged evening of fun and excitement! Thank you to Finneytown for being such a great place to live and work and for welcoming me 3 years ago. Thank you for continuing to remind me how awesome and special this place is. And thank you to the rain for waiting until we cleaned up to come pouring down. I have a lot to be thankful for!