Talking Finances

August 6, 2019

Let’s talk finances. Like you, I live and pay taxes in Finneytown. None of us want to see our taxes go up. We do need to make choices. The choice before all of us is whether to invest in the future of our district.

I’ve heard many people talk about how high the taxes are in Finneytown. There is truth in that statement but I’d like to explain a little about what that means. First, when we talk about a mil in tax terms, it does not mean a million dollars. A mil is different in every district. The amount a mil brings in depends on the total valuation in a district. Finneytown has a very low valuation with very little business property. A mil in Finneytown brings in about $194,000, so less than $200,000. It takes more than 5 mils of taxes to bring in one million dollars. In some districts, valuations are high so 1 mil could bring in millions of dollars. Other districts fall in between.

More tomorrow.