Please drive safely!

Dear Finneytown Families,                                                                             August 10, 2019

I am writing to implore you to drive slowly and safely around our students. There has been an alarming increase in the number of reported accidents around the nation where children have been hurt or killed going to and from school. Our children are our greatest treasure and we should remember that. Please, please slow down and be aware.

Remember that when a bus stops with lights flashing, we are required by law to stop in both directions and not drive past until the bus turns off the flashing lights.

Remember that the speed limit in a parking lot at any of our schools is less than 5 miles an hour. That means drive slowly.

Please do not pass vehicles that are loading or unloading students.

Please be aware that others are waiting for you as you load and unload students so do this as quickly as possible.

PLEASE, PLEASE remember that you cannot turn or drive straight through a crosswalk as long as children are in the crosswalk.

Each year I’ve been at Finneytown there has been a student in an accident. We are very fortunate that none of these students was seriously injured. One is too many!

More frighteningly, each week, our crossing guard and principals witness and speak to people driving who are being unsafe. Too frequently, cars try to turn at the crosswalks while students and the crossing guard are still in the way. Cars have gone around a bus stopped with lights flashing and almost hit children crossing the street. Drivers have come close to hitting children in the crosswalk.

Our Springfield Township Police are alarmed at the trend and are not going to sit idly by. They are going to increase their vigilance and will be stopping offenders. They are going to be unrelenting in catching drivers who are being unsafe around our students. They are not setting out to write tickets, just to make our community safer for our students, especially while getting to and from school. We will continue to report any unsafe driving as well. As long as you are driving safely, this will not affect you. If you are not driving safely, please know we will all be watching you!

There was a post going around on Facebook about this. This shows it is not just our community that is experiencing this. However, our community is where we can take control and make a difference. It is also where OUR children live and go to school. Be proactive and plan ahead so you are not running short on time. Follow all traffic rules and be aware of all cars and pedestrians around you. Look after the safety of our children!

Please caution your children to be careful as well. They need to look for and be aware of cars around them. Please encourage them to follow safety rules while getting to and from school and, well, all the time.


As always, if you have questions or concerns, please let me know.