Old Drafty Windows, Expensive Repairs But Dedicated Teachers and staff


Throughout the district, we have energy consumption issues. There are so many windows in all three buildings and they are single plane glass. You can stand inside the buildings in the winter and feel the air coming from the outside. I’ve even seen the blinds moving in a few rooms. In addition, the windows are not tinted. Some rooms have blinds and others don’t. The ones that do are old blinds that are barely functional. When the blinds are open or there are no blinds on the windows, teachers have to be strategic. They cannot use a whiteboard or interactive board if the light is causing a glare or washes the images out so badly that students cannot see. At the secondary campus, a teacher may be able to teach morning classes from a board but not for afternoon classes when the sun is shining directly into the class. As a reference, blinds are about $200-$500 per window installed by our maintenance. There are hundreds of windows in the district.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had a water main break that required an extensive, expensive repair. Remember, the part that broke was fixed but the remaining lines are still old.  

The real miracle is that our fabulous staff manage to teach and help your children grow, even in the current circumstances. We do really have an amazing staff who just keep plugging along no matter how hot or cold it is in our rooms. They don’t spend a lot of time complaining although there is plenty to complain about. They do the best they can in the circumstances.

Our staff care about their students. When it was so hot, the district provided water bottles for each class. Many teachers brought in additional water for their students so they could stay hydrated. Some even brought in popsicles as a nice cold treat. Each building has a few air conditioned spaces. Classes took turns in these spaces to help endure the heat all day.

Teachers and students would benefit from new facilities. It is not about comfort. It is about an environment conducive to teaching and learning. It has long been a tradition in Finneytown to support and promote education. We need to honor that tradition.