Reminder: Finneytown Local Schools Back to School BAsh and Staff Tour coming to you!

Here are the bus routes for Tuesday, August 13:

BUS 1: North Hill: 5pm

Warder/Northern Pkwy: 5:25pm

Ridgefield/Harbury: 5:40pm

Greenfield: 5:55pm

Timber Trail: 6:10pm

Mockingbird @ Eastgate: 6:25pm

Mockingbird @ Thunderbird: 6:40pm

BUS 2: Cottonwood Apartments (@Thunderbird): 5pm

Cottonwood @ Hollyhock: 5:20pm

Hempstead: 5:35pm

Shuman: 5:50pm

Fernwell/Foxcroft: 6pm

Monsanto/Madeline: 6:15pm

Vacationland @ Mockingbird: 6:30pm

Mockingbird @ Cottonwood: 6:45pm

BUS 3: Galbraith Pointe Apartments: 5:10pm

Prince Frederick Apartments: 5:35pm

Finneytown Apartments (Winton Rd): 5:50pm 

Brent @ Cavalier: 6:10pm

Reynard: 6:25pm

Peachblossom: 6:40pm