The Start of the Superintendent Blog

Hello Finneytown Fans and Favorites,

Terri Noe, superintendent, here with my first ever attempt to blog.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Forum last week to here an update on new facilities. Also thank you to all who let me know you couldn’t make it but will check the website for information and want to be involved going forward.

As I stated at the forum, the Finneytown Board of Education voted in June to move forward to look at a bond issue on the ballot in November 2019 to build new schools. The state will match 60% of the base cost of the buildings and our community (we) will be responsible for 40% plus any extra costs (these are called Locally Funded Initiatives or LFI). The bond issue will be for 7.68 mils and will generate a little over 27 million dollars. We will be able to start on the first phase, the elementary (K-6) building as soon as the bond issue is approved by the voters.

It takes about 3 years start to finish to move into a new building so we want to start ASAP. The bond issue PAC (Political Action Committee) is being formed by Angela Hursh as the chair and Veronica Bishop and Mel Hensey as the treasurers. All other information about that will need to come from Angela and team. No public or school money can be spent on a political campaign so employees of the district cannot work on the committee while on school hours. We cannot use our email or web page to promote the bond issue. After hours, employees, as citizens, can volunteer but it has to be separate from their paid time and duties.

We can, however, give you facts, and that is what I plan to do. I have a lot to fill you in on so check back often for more facts. Tomorrow, I will cover why two buildings instead of one.