Secondary Campus History

Next came the secondary campus. It currently houses grades 6-12. It was originally constructed in the late 1950’s with three buildings for a total of 87,812 square feet. The administration/Multipurpose building and the 200 and 300 buildings were all there was to start with. In 1964 the Gym was built adding 30,288 square feet. In 1969 the auditorium/PAC (Performing Arts Center) and the 100 building were added with an additional square footage of 51,356.

At that time, what is now the counseling offices was an open-air breezeway between the 200 and 300 buildings. In 1997, that area was enclosed adding another 5,318 square feet of space under roof. The current building has 174.774 square feet and 2 basements that do not connect. The hallways have ramps and inclines. The building is one story in the front and two stories in the back. There is no air conditioning and the heat, like Whitaker, is not reliable. Several units failed this last winter and the repairs and maintenance was quite expensive. New equipment would be even more expensive so our maintenance department is trying to keep things going until we can build a new school. We are trying very hard not to throw money into the building that will have to be torn down when a new school is built. We want to spend money wisely.                          

One of the main constrictions of the secondary campus buildings is the electricity capacity. When the building was originally built, there were 2 plug outlets in each classroom. Since very little was electronic in those days, that was more than sufficient. As you know, everything plugs in these days. We have quickly run out of spaces to plug in, although our maintenance department has added a slew of outlets. The problem isn’t more outlets at this point, it is not enough capacity. We would need to upgrade every one of the 6 buildings to bring them up to speed just on available electricity. Estimates start at around $250,000 per building just to upgrade the electrical service. That would give us more electricity but we would still have old, inefficient, and failing buildings in every other way.

Plumbing is failing, the building is not energy efficient, furniture is a hodgepodge, and lighting is not optimal. There are over 90 doors on the secondary campus making it very difficult to ensure the correct doors are locked when they should be. The current design has a massive amount of flat roof space which is not optimal in Ohio. Leaking roofs are one of our most constant problems. There are a lot of other issues, but, you get the point. The extreme heat in the classrooms last fall prompted closing school for a couple of days. When we had school, windows were open and fans were used to circulate hot air. This makes it noisy and distracting to students and teachers alike as they try to teach and learn.

This is just part of what we discussed last year when the community reps decided to build instead of fixing the existing facilities.

More tomorrow.