New Secondary School


Back in the office. Took a couple of days to visit Gatlinburg!  I got back Friday but had technical issues and could not post so here we go.   

Once the state provides the matching funds for the secondary campus, we will start on that. The new secondary campus would be built partly in the front parking lot all the way back behind the stadium. The gym would be torn down but all other buildings would be intact and used during the building process of the new middle/high school. Again, students would be separated by fences. The workers would use one access and staff, students, buses, parents would use two others. Again, Mr. Warmack has been looking at arrangements for sports (volleyball and basketball) during the construction. We will have the MP for PE use and Dr. Dinan and her team will have to get creative to fit PE in while the new building is being completed. The plan is for the current Performing Arts Center and Multipurpose (MP) room to remain even after the new buildings are completed. That may change as we go but we will be losing the gym at Whitaker so we want to be sure we maintain enough space for after school sports and community use.

Once the new middle/high school is completed, students and staff will move in and the other existing buildings will be demolished and abated. A softball field will be constructed as will tennis courts. More parking will be created since much of the front parking area will be part of the new building. At that point, the projects, all of them, will be completed. If all goes according to plan that would be 2025. If not, it will happen when it does.

The bond issue on the ballot in November 2019 for 7.69 mils is to provide the total funds for both buildings, the turf, tennis, and softball fields, and the parking I spoke of. The rest of the money, about $28,000,000 will be provided by the state as matching funds.

New buildings will have better technology, working infrastructure like electrical and plumbing, spaces to teach with best practices for our students, and matching furniture. It will have better safety features, communication, with air conditioning and heat that work. New buildings will help our community see Finneytown schools as an asset. Research shows that new schools increase property values. New schools attract new young families who want their children to attend Finneytown. As a matter of fact, all the districts around us who built new schools saw an increase in enrollment.

I will be at training the rest of the week so will post again on Monday, July 29th. Enjoy your week!