COSI on Wheels Takes Learning at Whitaker Elementary to a New Level

It’s Simply Chemistry! The was the COSI (Center of Science and Industry) on Wheels Outreach Program that students at Whitaker Elementary School experienced in May. The COSI educator presented the Chemistry Program to students in grades 2-5. Students then had the opportunity to have some hands-on learning as they visited the stations that made slime, experimented with Ph levels using different chemicals, compared the textures of everyday household chemicals under microscopes, experienced first-hand the differences when you have physical and chemical changes, investigated density and how it relates to weight and mass, witnessed the explosive creation of a gas sending corks flying from the top of a test tube by mixing solids and liquids, and much more.

COSI on Wheels brings the learning of science to the students and teachers and is a wonderful, direct way for students to have fun while learning. Through a variety of stations manned by parent volunteers, students get to experience many different concepts of science as well as love the learning of science. Students were excited and loved the hands-on activities as well as the group interactions. Parents had a terrific time interacting with the children.

Additionally, teachers could use the extension lessons by grade level developed by COSI to continue fun ways of scientific learning for students. The COSI on Wheels programs are designed to enhance inquiry skills and spark interest in science. This program aligns with Ohio’s New Learning Standards and complements Next Generation Science Standards. COSI is a hands-on science center located in Columbus, Ohio. Each year more than 250,000 students take part in the COSI on Wheels programs, and since its inception in 1982, COSI on Wheels has brought hands-on science into the lives of over 9 million students across the Midwest. It’s Simply Chemistry is made possible through the generosity of Supporting Sponsor Ashland Inc.