Murals Taking Shape on Secondary Campus

Finneytown Secondary Campus students are in the process of creating a new mural that best represents Finneytown Middle and High School students. The mural was designed by a group of art students in Mrs. Althoff’s Mentor Group on Switch Up Fridays. The group collaborated on design, theme, composition and completed research on the design, then they cleaned and primed the surface for the mural. The mural represents “A warm welcome in our entrance, in a mid-century postcard-style greeting, backed with foliage/flowers representing ALL of the cultures within the Finneytown district” and is located in the 100 entrance area. There are 39 countries and cultures within Finneytown and they are illustrated in the design. Students involved in the design, drawing, and painting are Cooper Burton, Mason Deane, Oliver Orue, Rylin Loftin, Abby Jeffries, Amaiya Drain, and Bella Garcia.