Brent Students Entertained by Playhouse in the Park Performance

Brent Elementary students and staff welcomed Playhouse in the Park performers as they staged Five Little Monkeys based on the books, Five Little Monkeys. The five actors interacted with the small audience members by inviting them to laugh, clap, and talk directly to them during the performance. The kindergartners and first graders were thoroughly entertained with the performance. At the end of the show, students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the performers, the show, and the set or props. Many students raised their hands and sat patiently to ask their questions. This was an outstanding performance and a wonderful learning experience as well as theatrical experience for these young students.

On April 24th, the actors from Playhouse in the Park will return to Brent to conduct post-performance workshops.  The purpose is to provide more information about the play and interact with students in a smaller setting. Five sessions are scheduled with two actors in two different classrooms.