Finneytown Secondary Principal Awarded PTA Educator of the Year For Finneytown Local Schools

Dr. Dinan and two high school students

Dr. Jen Dinan is in her 20th year at Finneytown Local Schools, but nothing seems to slow her down as she strives for excellence as principal. Her commitment and dedication to the students and staff of the Secondary Campus as well as the community is evident through the relationships she has developed with students, staff, and families, the programs she and her team have introduced in the middle and high school, and her passionate but quiet call for change in equity and disparity.

Dr. Dinan has been awarded the Finneytown PTA Educator of the Year Award for 2019. However, while humbled, she recognizes that the other teachers nominated at the Secondary Campus are the best of the best, in her opinion. “I am humbled and honored by this award,” she said.

Dr. Dinan exemplifies the meaning of team player and leader in all areas and she leads by example. In fact, she doesn’t take credit for the changes on the Secondary Campus as she recognizes that the partnership with her team is invaluable and essential to her leadership role. “It’s an honor to work with the administrative staff and teaching staff that I have, and I recognize and value their collaborations and contributions to our students and our school community. It’s much like ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ because they have the hardest work in the classrooms,” stated  Dr. Dinan during a recent discussion about her award. Last year, she and her team introduced a sweeping change for the Secondary Campus, a House system. This was a new and defining concept for Finneytown and has changed the culture of the school in the most positive ways. Dr. Dinan loves seeing how students support each other and the bonds they’ve developed over the past two school years. They have reinvigorated the school community with the houses. “Not only does the school serve as a model for others, but so do the students,” she proudly explained. “Our students and our staff are some of the best around the city.”  

Dr. Dinan began her career in Finneytown Local Schools teaching fourth grade at Whitaker and then moved to sixth and seventh teaching Language Arts. She was then promoted to dean of students and assistant principal. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Miami University. However, she wasn’t finished and earned her doctorate from Northern Kentucky University in addition to raising a family and working as an educator.

The Finneytown family is honored to have Dr. Jen Dinan as principal of the middle school and high school; moreover, she is honored to serve as principal. She explains that the students of Finneytown Local Schools “deserve the best quality education and the best opportunities available to them,” so she works tirelessly to ensure that they have both of these.

Superintendent Terri Noe stated that Dr. Dinan is one of the essential pillars of the Finneytown Leadership Team. “I trust her to make decisions that are good for our students and staff”, she said. “It is so important to have leaders who manage the buildings, but know that creating and sharing a vision with the students and staff she leads is the most important job. This is a well deserved recognition for Dr. Dinan who is well-respected in our community. She has brought much needed consistency and positive direction to the Secondary Campus.”