2nd Quarter Winner and House Standings

And the House winner for 2nd Quarter House points is…

House of PEM with 21 points for the quarter. They won the House Food Donation contest, the High School Trivia Contest, and the Door Decoration Contest. They are followed by Ebenezer House with 17 points, Clark House with 13.5 points, Pringle House with 13 points, Telford House with 12.5 points, and Kopke House with 9.5 points. It’s a close race at the end of the first semester.

The race for the House Trophy is really on, and anyone’s game at this point. The House’s total points for the year goes like this: 1st Place – Clark with 49.5 points, 2nd Place – PEM with 47 points, 3rd Place – Ebenezer with 46.5 points, 4th Place – Telford with 44.5 points, 5th Place – Pringle with 37 points, and 6th Place – Kopke with 36.5 points.

There are several events in the following weeks that could increase House points so stay tuned in through social media, school announcements, and the website for updated information!