2018-19 Finneytown PTA Reflections Winners “Heroes Around Me…”

For 50 years, the National PTA’s Reflections program has helped students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students in Pre-K through Grade 12 create and submit original works of art in one or all of the arts categories.  

Finneytown students submitted 58 entries this year to the PTA Reflections program.  Seventeen entries were in the elementary programs from Brent and Whitaker, and forty-one were through the middle and high school ages from the Secondary Campus. Finneytown is honored to have talented and supportive art teachers: Jenny Brunsman, Kathy Hubbard, Daniel Lawson, Carolyn Althoff and Julie Ficke and ELA teacher Rhiana Blaugher for their encouragement of the program. Finneytown has an incredible tradition of excellence in the arts, and it is exciting to be able to celebrate this through the National PTA Reflections program.

Winners and Honorable Mentions will be recognized at their End of Year Awards Ceremonies and Secondary Campus winners will be displayed at the Finneytown Arts Fair in April

Twenty-eight winners from Finneytown have moved on to Hamilton County Council (HCC) PTA for judging at that level. The HCC PTA Reflections Open House will be held Wednesday, February 20th, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Hamilton County Educational Service Center (Hamilton Ave.) to honor those winners from the member school districts.

Below are 2018-19 Finneytown PTA Reflections Winners:

Primary (K-2) Age Category Literature Winner Aurellia Ortiz (1st gr) Heroes All Around Me


    Winner Ben Engleman (2nd gr) Finneytown Patriots

Music Composition

    Winner Aurellia Ortiz (1st gr) Heroes All Around Me

Visual Arts

    Winner Aurellia Ortiz (1st gr) Heroes

    Winner Charlotte Statt (2nd gr) Sunk In the Sea

    Honorable Mention  Mariyah Arrington (1st gr)  Doggy Dogs

    Honorable Mention  Justice Lambert (K)   Flowers

Intermediate (3-5) Age Category


    Winner Cora Statt (4th gr) Magictopia Comes to Life

    Winner Violet Kimnach (4th gr) The Hero I Once Met


    Winner Biwas Moktan (4th gr) My Grandfather

Visual Arts

    Winner Madeline Engleman (4th gr) My Universe of Heroes

    Winner Micah Denson (5th gr) Famous Wall

    Winner Addison Hinton (5th gr) Paintings

    Honorable Mention  Kayla Snell (5th gr) Chinese Warriors

Middle/Junior (6-8) Age Category


    Winner Anya Revelle (7th gr) My Hero

    Winner Abby Thomas (6th gr) Second In Line

    Winner Ava Weaver (7th gr) Everyday Hero

    Honorable Mention  Maya Bush (6th gr) Choose To Be A Hero

    Honorable Mention  Malachi Phipps (6th gr)   My Parents

    Honorable Mention  Jaidan Scholz (6th gr)    My Hero


    Winner Christen Fessler (6th gr) Let Me Be Brave In the Attempt

    Winner Ava Weaver (7th gr) Footprints of a Hero

    Winner Ava Weaver (7th gr) Uncommon Hero

Visual Arts

    Winner Dakota Brooks (8th gr) Military Heroes

    Winner Angelina Bush (8th gr) Our Reality

    Winner Christen Fessler (6th gr) Heroes of Equestria

Senior (9-12) Age Category  


    Winner Aubrey Weaver (10th gr.) Hero Around Me


    Winner Clarice Hamblin (9th gr) Heroes Around Me

    Winner Aubrey Weaver (10th gr) Mother Nature

    Winner Aubrey Weaver (10th gr) Sister Snap

Visual Arts

    Winner Christina Carter (11th gr) Hero Around Us

    Winner Isabelle Smart (11th gr) Heroes Around Us

    Winner Abby Jeffries (9th gr) Fighting Fire

    Honorable Mention  Jada Grant (10th gr) Heroes Around Us

    Honorable Mention  Hailey Rozier (9th gr)   Heroes Around Us

    Honorable Mention  Mahendra Tamang (9th gr)  Intelligence

Special Artist Winners

    Winner   Robert-Thomas DeNike 9th gr)   Super Hero Abstract